15“Ciara had the grace to look sheepish, but felt better after Janai explained the situation without bringing the Royal Wrath down on her head. She knew the Princess had every right to get upset about being questioned, but she didn’t. She talked to her as an equal and not as a subordinate. Ciara was both grateful and appreciative on that account.


Trying to be a normal 12 year old is going to be hard but Janai is certainly going to try. Being the Princess and having to compete to become a Warrior Maiden is just he beginning of her problems. Looks like someone tried to kill her but got her guards instead. Now she had a small party must travel to a city that few people escape and return with a special flower to save her guards. Did I mention it all has to happen within 24 hours or they become trapped forever? Like I said…just a normal 12 year old.”

This book is unique as it has an all African‐american cast placed in a matriarchal society. Each book has a hidden or underling theme that girls (and boys) go through as they grow up. Readers will learn life lessons, gain the ability to see themselves or someone they know in the characters they are reading about, and will learn that they are not alone in how they feel or the things that occur to them.

About the Book:

Princess Janai and the Warrior Maidens of Quinu: The Cities of Tonga and Tongia

Sherel Ott, AuthorAll Janai wants is to be just like everyone else. Being the Princess and having to try out for the Warrior Maidens is just part of her problems. She has the present Warrior leader unhappy with the fact that she is trying out, because that means her time is almost up and she enjoys her “status” too much to give it up without a fight. Not to mention someone just froze two of her guards into living statues with the fabled Mist Flowers of Tonga. Now she and a small group of warriors must travel to a forbidden city and obtain the antidote before the two guards are lost forever…all in 24 hours. Is she capable? Will she make it in time?